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Saturday, February 07, 2004



>>I love Shakespeare, ee cummings, and I fell in love with poetry reading the Lovesong of J. Alfred <<

oh my gosh! did you jump into my brain and steal me!!!
are you sure you don't want to move to florida. It will be very hard to become good couple friends at this distance!


Hubby has a hat from Furman University. On of his youth visited the college and her parents bought it for him. It is blue and says "FU." FU stands for Furman University, but you can take it or leave it right? LOL! I liked TK a lot better when I had to go out of my way to small galleries to see him. His work is quite beautiful, but he has gone too commercial for my liking. Anywho, good post.


...visiting via Dana (think pink) and what a breath of non leagalistic, non religeous fresh air, hear hear girl.

Michelle Bowers

AMEN SISTER!!! I think you speak for many of us who are strong Christians and are living a REAL life, enjoy REAL joys (reading, laughing, and oh yea- sex!), and raising REAL kids. Thank you!!


Kel, I love your honesty. Refreshing as the morning dew. I agree, stereotypes suck, and Gayboyfriend is hysterical. Amen.


Refreshing to read a Christian weblog that is not just religeous hysteria. I am fast on my way to almost detesting Christians and that is purely the result of what I hear and read about American Christians being almost fundamentalist (gays will burn in hell, abortion is ALWAYS murder, no contraception under any circumstance, harry potter should be banned and no sex education in schools... that sort of thing)

Thank you for writing a piece that makes me breathe again, knowing the world is not lost to fundamentalism.

I am not such a good writer, so in case people interpret this wrongly: I actually mean it as a compliment:)

Andy the Geek

Great post, Kel. Thanks for sharing!


Amen, Kel. I loved this post!


oh kelly, go! go! go!

'At all times preach the gospel if necessary, use words!' St Francis


I thought the part was so funny where you wrote "And if I want to have a lemon drop in a cute glass with husband when we go out for a nice dinner together, I will. And I don't want to hear about it."
I love that about you Kel. It's so easy to let loose with you, and just have fun and be yourself.


I just found your blog--I must say I love this post. You have said exactly what I would like to say! I have been a Christian too since the days of youth group, and my husband and I would get along great with you. Also, if you haven't already found it, there is a great mag called Relevant Check it out--I think you'll find it takes us Christians out of the box we are put in, by Christians and non-Christians alike. Again, amen, amen, amen!


Well said!

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