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Monday, February 09, 2004



As long as there are sane ones like you we'll at least know it isn't the group as a whole. What are people thinking sometimes?!


I know it is not the group as a whole. But let me assure you: the Group is making so much noise, has so much influence in Washington and is yelling so loud that 'they are the silent majority' that most people from this side of the Pond are starting to believe they really are.

I guess I am narrow-minded: I try to avoid Christian weblogs like The Plague. I usually find them to be extemely one-sided. But this weblog is a nice exception to what I have come across so far. I am always happy to add a weblog to my list that is far removed from my own beliefs, as long as it is interesting and respectful to other people's personal freedom and beliefs. And this one is.


I read about that. Even I would have been terrified and I am a Christian. Sheesh.


Ok, here's the pilot...*slap* There, I feel better now!!!

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