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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Sam Courtney

Those are some cute girls Kelly!


Oh my! Cutielicious girls with their first pony's.


two words-

want 3 more?

oh and i hate to break it to you but you need to start planning a trip to daytona. I need a photographer--and not just any photographer will do. It'll have to be before the end of June. Get on it.


ohhhhh..... awwww......

Maybe I can put some in Haydn's hair just to see what it would be like. LOL!


Totally adorable. And rather funny that they are in the same pose. Coley's lacking the hair to do that, but she does have a barette in her hair today! That's an improvement!

Misty Courtney


S-Super cutie
O-Oh You're so dreamy !
F-Full of Smiles
I-In Ponies, that are just killin' me-so adorable!
E-Everyone loves you!!!

As you can tell I adore your little Sopia. And I just love Belba too. "Hi Madi", is the first sweet little thing we hear when we walk into Koastkids, coming from guess who! Very good, sweet girls.


too. cute.


by the way, funny that you call them ponies, we call them piggies!

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