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Friday, September 24, 2004



Wow, I think that cat's eye is so cool looking, but unfortunaely it's probably injured. How sad. Unleash fury and scratch who ever hurt your eye little kitty!


your an idiot
instead of finding the cat FASCINATING you could have put it in your car and to take it to a vet. your guilt was the one that was drowing your atention to the picture. the fact is that you are just a small superficial bitch that wants to LOOK like she is somekind of good photographer. face it honney you're just a wannabe...

Dina Marie Packingham

That Kitty Cat Is Sooo Cute Arn;t u gonna HELP It!?!!?!?!??!?!!?!!!! And Take It To The Vet or something it needs help U Should do something ands take Good!!!!!! Care Of This Poor Kitty U REALLY Should Do Something ABout It!!!!!!..... Dina :)


This cat is gravely ill, and will probably lose his sight. The discoloration is from a feline variety of the herpes virus (harmless to humans). You got close enough to the cat to photograph it, yet couldn't be bothered to try to help it. Since when is a diseased animal "freaky" and cool? I hope like hell you never have pets or children...your lack of compassion, responsibility and empathy is astonishing. Heaven forbid YOU reproduce!


Come on guys, it wasn't her pet it someone else's cat. She doesn't need to take someone else's cat anywhere. So you guys need to back off and go mind your own business!


Maybe you guys an offer to send a donation to help Kelly out with this little cat problem you guys are upset about. You can put her name right there on the check, maybe even leave it blank. If anything else it will pay for the trouble you've been giving her for no real reason.


I find it amazing that you found the time to take pictures of this cat, and post them on your web page, and use this cat to relate to stories of how cute and funny, and hahaha weird you were as a child. How utterly self absorbed. Did you even CONSIDER checking out what this person's story was? Yes by person I mean, the cat... Anyone who would let anything looking "torn up" not only walk on by, but become a tool for masturbating their self-absorbtion, without offering them any help... is a truely sad existence.


Please don't leave any more comments about this cat. I've heard enough.


you really captured the cats eyes. This is a great picture. I love it.I've never seen eyes like that on any cat before.

yo momma

you stupid wenches NONE of you truely care...

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