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Monday, October 25, 2004



I am SO sorry it was that painful! Please call your doctor and talk to him about pain management, because there are things you can take to keep that pain under control. I know recovery can be rough, but it shouldn't be THAT rough.
Also, are her shoulders achy at all? Because I just remember a tidbit from when I observed some laproscopic procedures -- they have to inflate your abdomen with gas in order to have extra room to manuever, and sometimes the gas travels up to the shoulders and makes you sore. So if she's experiencing that, hopefully the little explanation will be at least a bit comforting. But really, call the doc.... I'm SURE there are some more powerful pain meds than what she's taking. Cuz NOBODY should have to live in that kind of pain. Hey, maybe they can even give her something that has the added bonus of being a sleep aid!
My love to Kel.... I'm thinking of her, praying for her, and studying hard for her and people like her everywhere who need good docs to take care of them in their hour of need.
On a related note, if anyone wants to have their heart checked out, I am becoming adept at finding heart murmurs... cool.
Love you guys, and I eagerly anticipate her return to the blog scene.


Ross and Kel:
So sorry to hear of all the pain. It will be over soon and on to "normal life". I am glad she is getting this taken care of as to put it all behind her(hopefully). Love you guys tons.


Just wanted to let you know we're thinking about you and praying for you Kel... and you too Ross. Don't try to be tough as nails Kel, take those meds and sleep this thing off. I know you've got family who will be there for you. Ross call me and let me know if there are times when maybe I can have your kids over here down the block for awhile okay!!!

Paul Eraut

Hi guys,

Kelly, hope you feel better soon. This sounds awful.



Kelly has been in my thoughts and prayers all week. I knew that her surgery was upcoming even if i didn't remember the exact day.
Much love to the whole family!! and continued prayers!

Mother Jackson

Hi Kel and Ross,
I hope the pain meds are kicking in for you now, Kel. Lorrel is right, you shouldn't have to be in SO much pain. There really is no reason for that, with what is available. It seems some doctors are reluctant to perscribe pain medications when its really necessry and many people unesssarily suffer. I'm glad your doctor is letting you increase your dose, Kel, he's obviously a compassionate man. Love you guys, see you soon.


hey guys! just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts! hope you are feeling better soon!


I'm so sorry to hear about all the pain, as you know I've recently expereinced it first hand. The first few days/week is the worst. Pain mangement is key, just say no doesn't count here, bring it on is more like it. We will pray and hope for the quickest recovery. O'ya, the bumps in the road, it was the worst ride anywhere I've ever had and our good friend brought us his 2004 Jaguar, it was a pretty car and made the ride a little smoother, but was still a nightmare... trying to avoid all those bumps. Okay, already... I love you guys. As for you Lorrel, the heart murmmer thing, two of our boys have one,each.

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