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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


a hanson

I don't know about the politics involved, but I think you should check out the following Star Dudes Saga for a little fun:


It is so frustrating to look at this world so full of cracks and broken pieces that won't fit together. All the well meaning and good that we try to do as people is actually part of the character of God, the bible says that all good things come from God. That includes the desires in people who don't even know God who want there to be peace in the world. Sure many perspectives are skewed and people often stand on oposite sides of the same issue. This fact remains, the only one who can fix this broken world is God and it will remain broken until he comes again and sets it straight. Until that time we can only do what you said Ross "love each other, accept each other's short comings, and try as hard as we can to improve the lives for our children".


You raise an interesting point about the Storm Trooper just trying to make things work for his family.....
Reminds me. I was on a train through Germany sitting in a cramped car with 4 strangers and 2 friends on our High School Graduation European Vacation Extravaganza. As we drove over a bridge, the old man next to me (probably pushing 80) turns to me and says, in a very thick German accent, "you cannot imagine my feelings at this moment as we drive over the bridge where 50 years ago, the American soldiers were chasing me." Talk about a stunned silence. This guy just told me that he had been a soldier in the German army (read: Nazi forces!) during WWII. He proceeded to tell a story about being captured by the Americans, becoming friends with them, flying to Texas post-war to visit them, and being welcomed to the capital of the country by none other than (at the time) Texas Senator L.B. Johnson (later to become President of the US). He even pulled out old newspaper clippings to prove it. Well, when asked if he wanted to be a Nazi.... ouch, he just responded, with a dejected look on his face, that he did what he had to do to protect himself and his family. Just something to think about.
We all want to believe that we would be the hero who would stand up for justice and what is right. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what that is in our current world climate. BUT, I also know that many of us would, in the end, want to protect those most precious to us, doing whatever we had to do. My hope is that I will be a woman of such conviction that I will be willing to fight for what is RIGHTEOUS (not talking right/wrong morals here), no matter the cost. And that I would be someone willing to extend grace and forgiveness to all, no matter the transgression.

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