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Thursday, July 07, 2005



It's been really horrible... luckily none of my friends were affected, I'm safe and sound. Apparently it's around 40 deaths but many many more have been severely injured - we're talking like blown off limbs. I really applaud the police, security as well as those working in casualities. Everything was extremely well controlled and who knows how large the scale could have been if it wasn't handled so well. God's hand was definitely there!


After travelling through London just after 911 I had similar thoughts about the Underground. I am thankful none of the, now, 50+ deaths affected any of my friends in London.


This is a terrible thing!!! I really continue to be shocked by what these terrorist groups continue to do to people. The hate boggles my mind.


If the goal of these attacks was to break-up the alliance between the US and the UK on the subject of terrorism, BAD PLAN. This will only serve to strengthen the resolve of both countries to fight against those who would commit such atrocious crimes. The first thing I thought was "How HORRID." The second thing I thought was, "I can't wait for the day when I am a doctor and know what to do, how to help in that emergency situation." More than anything I wanted to be by those people's sides, starting IVs and rushing them into surgery. Strange? Maybe. But I think we all want to be someone's hero. Hooray for the heros that are so valiantly working to save their fellow humans. And boo for those who would think of human life as so worthless.


There are two types of countries in Europe. Those who talk and those who do.

And those who do can be summed up on a short list: The United Kingdom. My English friend Chas suggests the English are more stubborn than brave. This tactic worked well for Spain and the mere threat has worked against Italy. But the English are different and we Americans should be thankful that they are our best allies and everything that is important in the US is largely thanks to them.

My firend Chas also suggests that this bombing, while terrible, is nothing new in London as it was not THAT long ago the IRA was doing the same. Somehting he has experienced personally.

I did not think my opinion of terrorists could be any lower. Once again I am proven wrong.

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