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Tuesday, August 23, 2005




I never expected to know that much about your uterus. :eek: LOL! Of course as much as I go on about my back...

TiVo is the greatest toy. I only wish I had a larger drive on mine. Perhaps for Christmas we will splurge and buy the 350 hour upgrade kit. I easily fill my 80 hours and then spend anothe 80 burning them to DVD.


I do not think I know as much about my own wife's uterus...

On a serious note I hope you get to feeling better.


it could be worse. MUCH worse. i have birth video i could post where you get to know my uterus so well, you can practically see my molars.


I will TOTALLY play tag... once I start medicine and hardly have time to do anything, but still find time to blog somehow :). And, by the way, that new picture of you is GORGEOUS.


I took some video of my daughter being born (the bit where the doc comes running in to play Johnny Bench) and it was MONTHS before my wife could stand to watch it.

an aside...that is probably not the best way to show people the merits of dental hygene.:)

Pink Sun Drops

Hehe, I love this! I did mine a few weeks back.

Hubby and I are totally loving Grey's Anatomy, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been his favorite for the past year, thus making it mine as well.

My brother's fiancee is from Ireland and while I have yet to be fascinated with I'm sure it will be on my list after I FINALLY get to go to Italy. Can I borrow one of your last three times :) ? Ha.

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