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Wednesday, November 09, 2005



Yeah I know. It's tragic. Take it from a girl who knows. God has taken care of me still though, and is taking care of our daughters too. The only thing we can do is trust the Lord and be wise, and oh yeah Love them like crazy!!!


A useful site and I agree sad that we need it...

Yeeesh it is stuff like that that which makes me a freethinker.


THANK YOU so much for posting that. Turns out there is one that lives .7 miles away from me. Scary. I showed the picture of the guy to my daughters and told them to stay away from him if they see him. I forwarded this to my friends who live in my neighbhorhood and may just send the link to my HOA for them to put on their website.


This sight is kinda of buggy. the calif. megans law sight seems a little better and has photo's


I hear that. Its a scary, scary world out there.


My state has had their offender registry online for several years and include mapquest links to show you exactly where the offenders live within proximity to your location.

When they first started posting them online we found we had one living in the same building as we were. He has been convicted of molesting several young boys over the course of a few years.

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