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Thursday, December 15, 2005



Kimi, you ignorant slut.
(Dan Akroyd, SNL, Weekend Update)

First of all, if you decide to insult someone, learn how to spell. It's a real pity to call someone and idiot when you lack the ability to spell correctly, or form logical and grammatical sentences. Granted, english is obviously not your first language, but as your country knows, in order to succeed in this world, you better speak english. Keep your insults in your own damn country!

Also, I see wierd looking stuff all the time. Stuff that is broken or out of place. Next time I see someone in a wheelchair, I'm going to throw 'em in my car and rush 'em to the hospital. If I see someone with a jacked-up eye, I'll do the same thing - throw 'em in my car and drive them to the hospital. Nevermind that I know nothing about them or their situation, I'll just assume I know everything, like you Kimi, and put whatever thing I find in the back of the car and drive it to the vet.

Finally, it is foolish to speak so boldly into a situation which you now nothing about. Kimi, you're an idiot!

Finally finally, don't you ever talk to my wife that way you romanian wacko!


Here, here Ross... and Kimi, next time you insult such a beautiful and talented woman like Kelly - "go pound sand" (per my husband) and realize that you are dealing with a posse - a posse TOTALLY devoted to Kelly and all that she stands for - oh yeah and did I mention to "go pound sand?" - I just LOVE that my husband says that!! I really do :)


Ross, you the man.

Kelly, I think anyone who took 10 seconds to read your blog woudl realize you are a really nifty person. Some people are just bound and determined to be jerks.

The inetrnet turns village idoits into global village idiots.:) Kimi seems to fit that mold.


How weird! I just Googled "cat" myself and came across that pic and came to your blog to check things out and there was your most recent post about Kimi. I however do not think you're an idiot or a superficial bitch :-) Kimi you must be rich eh? to be able to afford to take stray animals to the vet? Must be nice! Hey Ross, I got me an grizzly bear here with a sprained ankle, will ya come help me load him up in the ole jalopy? HA!


Thanks for the support on my comment. But just so everyone knows, Kelly has already edited out all the bad words. "wacko" wasn't exactly the phrasing I used.


Oh, Kelly, I so know about vitriol in the last four weeks. There are some weird people out there with nothing better to do than to spew hateful, poorly dictated, syntactically lacking, ungrammatical crud. If they can't criticize directly, they sometimes makeup lies. I wish I could receive it in hard copy so I could whip out my red ink pen, mark all the mistakes, and send it back. Good for you for fighting back and not taking the crap.

And, Ross, a virtual toast to you.


P.S. A small confession: I like Wannabe :D


Ugggh! How awful. I hate those kinds of comments. I got one a while back. It does hurt a little even when a person is way off. The truth is, they don't know you or they would know that you aren't superficial at all and you care very deeply for people. Please don't let a cheap shot make you feel cheap because you are wonderful-and no one can take that from you, especially someone who doesn't know or care about you.

It's really not right to care more about animals than poeple. It really isn't fair to say that because a person doesn't react in a situation the way you would that they were being cruel or are a bad person and what ever comments you can think of. Like Edie said above it would be too expensive for most people to pay vet bills for animals who get hurt. It would be cruel to put my family in that kind of financial situation. Priorities are important. Kelly handled that appropriately. She had a responsibility to do her job. She asked who the owner was, who is really the one who needed to take the animal to the vet, if they choose to do so. No one should be required to act irresponsibly in order to save an animal. People have been run over and killed trying to get hit animals off the freeway. Now that's being an idiot!

Also, I love your pictures Kelly. I would have you take my pictures over anyone else in the whole world! And I mean that.


Gnarly! So did the lady email you back?


Ooooh, that kitty looks scary what happened to it??


ROCKON ROSS!!! Kel there is no reason to even begin to give Romanian-retard a minute of your day..... (but it was a great response posting if I must say so:)

anywho......sorry I havent been by in a while perusing your blogdom......Ive been buried in school stuff. :) Minta


Kimi, your a dumb mess with the bean your gettin the whole burrito...Thats my family your insulting...stupid, jealous woman....GET A LIFE


Just wanna say I think its sweet that you care so much about the cats. Hopefully the rest of the people that find that picture on the net read what you wrote about the cat before they get their knickers in a twist.

Very good Photography aswell.


Ah yes... Well this little "explination" that is supposed to clear everything up is even more proof of my point. It's not a matter of the cat's well being or paying the vet bill. No, its about the fact that you took an image of this creature, you froze him/her in time and (by the way I have no problem with your photography, as a matter of fact I think your pretty talented.) that is beautiful. But the context, the self appraisal, against the back drop of this cat, obviously not as lucky as you are, was slightly maddening. The fact that you went to SUCH legnths to defend/redeeme youself drives my point home, infact... around the bases a few times, slowly, with a strut. Kimi is the idiot. But someone else might need to work on their ego.

P.S. I don't need an email from you, (or your hypocrit husband, calling Kimi a "slut"). I already know what you have to say, and obviously, I still don't agree.


aye carumba. I emaled 'melissa' my response to her comments. hopefully she will stay away.

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