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Friday, February 03, 2006



Hi cat people out there. I love cats too and have always thought they were the sweetest things ever, but please just read the situation before you get all upset about it and start lashing out jugements. It was someone else's cat and Kelly talked to them about it and they said they were taking care of it. If cat care were free and if Kelly wasn't shooting one of the most important days of someones life, thier wedding, perhaps she may have had the time to run out and take this cat to the vet.


Kelly, I support you 100%. One thing I really loved about you when I met you was how you would always see sick animals and take pictures of them. Or sometimes, we'd see healthy animals, and I'd kick them or jab them with pointy objects to maime them, and then you'd take pictures of it. And then we'd laugh, and laugh. Man, those were the good old days. I for one appreciate a good herpes-infected cat picture. It just fills my heart with gladness. Suffering cats make me smile. Tonight, let's go grab one of those cats on the street, and stick a firecracker up its ass. KerBLAM! Haha! It's going to be awesome. I love you Kelly.


Oh man - I tell you - crazy cat people. But MAN!! ROSS!! That was so freakin' funny. I was laughing so hard. I even showed it to Jess and she was busting up. Ross you are a funny funny man. Great Post!


Well, obviously these cat people are real weirdos who have too much time to bitch about irrelevant matters. Next time it happens, I'd recommend neglection. Sometimes people are so ridiculous over animals.. what about people, the millions and millions of PEOPLE who die of hunger/disease etc everyday! Get a life you furry fanaticals.


Ross - That TOTALLY reminds me of the time at Santa Clara that Kelly took that Bio class just to cut up and laugh at dead animals - do you remember when we broke in at night and "did some EXPERIMENTS of our own to the lab rats??" OK, yours was SO much funnier - but really cat lady, give me a f-ing break....


Apparently you can order herpes infected cats by the dozen on eBay. Airholes are a buck extra, but not really worth the extra handling fee.:)

Kidding aside...

Kelly, anyone with half a brain would see from your blog that you are a decent person. These people are to the internet what the crazy cat woman who owns 72 cats to a neighborhood.


I HATE CATS but I love you Kel! Seriously...people need to relax and if they had half a brain they would stop eating animals all together! It doesn't make sense? Save a cat and kill a pig...WHATEVER!


FYI - I am not a vegetarian nor vegan by the way! I just laugh at people who are so caught up with saving lizards, cats and gorillas when they walk around in crocodile boots and leather belts.. can you tell this totally bugs me to death!

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