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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Misty Courtney

I'm so glad you are happy about this Kel. Just in time for Valentines. I am a little scared that you have a crush on a woman though. I know you don't really.


I thought I was your blog crush!

What a great way to start Valentine's Day . Thanks for nuthin'.
jerk. =(

j/k =)

Pink Sun Drops

I started to comment on this and got interrupted... but any way.

Not weird and stalkerish at all, if she reads you as much as you read her I bet you would be fast friends. There's a few of us that would absolutely love to have a girls weekend together. I happened to move near one blogger I read and she reads my blog and she came down for the day and we toured Austin together. It felt exactly like a wonderful afternoon with an old friend I hadn't seen in forever.


That is so great. I have been reading a women's site, through our site Kel, (according to Kim) who I really like. I admire her blog greatly. I would totally be her friend and I love her blog.

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