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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Lori T

Mervyn's was your first trip to get a bra, too?!


I have a daughter and another on the way... I appreciate theese sort of annecdotes. I have no idea if my 2.5 year old is going to be a tomboy or a girly girl... but I probably have to be prepared either way...


I remember talking to a young gal recently about this very same thing. She said her mom had talked to her about girl things and it really scared her. I reminded her that the change really isn't all at once (most of the time!) and it doesn't have to mean everyhthing has to be different from now on. It's more of a slow revolution. It is true though how things do start to change from a certain point on in a girls life. It's a little scary huh? I don't remember the bra thing but I do remember the first change of life if you know what I mean and it made me feel that way. The cool thing about bras is that you still can do all those boy things and not look, well silly and bouncy. Sorry if any guys are reading this and getting grossed out. I have some pretty girly girls myself and I think it's fun too!


Not grossed out... frankly, I can use the G2 for my daughters when they are older be they tomboys or girly girls.

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