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Wednesday, August 23, 2006



That's nice bootie. Thanks for making that. It's fun to see so many memories we've shared together - college, europe, campbell, capitola, watsonville, pregnancies, family, and so on. We've been busy these last 10 years.

Go Team!

Thanks honey. That's so sweet. I love you too. We've got a fantastic family.

Anna banana

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for the sweet update! You guys are just gorgeous and I can't wait for the day when I am in love and it's all about babies and romance! You guys are such an example to me... I love the fact you are best friends and don't only love each other, you LIKE each other also! Love you guys xxxx


Oh how I miss my McCorditas!!! Totally balled through the slideshow! I love you guys a lot!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! xoxoxo


Oh how I miss my McCorditas!!! Totally balled through the slideshow! I love you guys a lot!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! xoxoxo


Congratulations! It reminds me of this last Christmas when I got diamond earrings and my husband got a National Geographic subscription. I was #1 lame gift giver. However, the fact that I had just given birth to his first child helped my cause.

mother jackson

Congratulations and blessings to both of you. You make marriage look easy! I so much enjoyed the slide show, there's a lot that's happened since you first met. Love your new necklace, Kel, it's gorgeous!


Okay, first of all, l-o-v-e LOVE the necklace. I am seriously hurting for one myself (although probably of the cubic zirconia variety since I have neither money nor honey to purchase one for me!). Way to go Ross.
And, of course, loved the slide show. I like how no matter where you guys are, you're always having WAY more fun than you should be (as evidenced by Ross mimicking the pain-scale faces when you were being admitted to the hospital - to most people, NOT a fun time, but you managed to laugh anyway!). Congratulations. Love you guys.


Oh man that was a tear jerker. You guys are so cute and I really do think you guys are a great match. God just knows who we need. God bless you guys and your family. We love you guys and are so happy you get to celebrate your years together.


Congratulations and happy anniversary, Kel and Ross!


Loved the slideshow. You guys are wonderful for each others, lots of congrats and love from me to you. Miss you all!

Rick's iCoffee

Great movie :) - it's your own "story of us". Way to go, and many more to come.


you guys provide a great example. The love you guys share for eachother and your family is something all should strive for - especially those of us that are not married or have a family yet.

I am happy that I have known you both and watched you and your family grow together.

Congratulations on another year of love together.


Congratulations Kelly & Ross...


Here's my first comment for you Kelly !! LOVE the necklace, and thanks for letting me try your AMAZING ring on.. ahhh... gorgeous. -Bek xxx


You're beautiful! I think that describes it all...the love, the joy, the kids, the experiences,the pain, the years, the endless blessings... beautiful, what a beautiful life, a gift.
Much love, Kim


aww, I'm late, but it was such a delightful post to read :D

Happy Belated to you and Ross :D

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