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Monday, November 06, 2006



I just LOVE all your choices. Fabulous! Susi

Ana Schaffer

Amazing backyard! Wow! I can already see your family out there enjoying it! Having a nice backyard will make your house seen bigger!


It looks killer already. AND, I can't wait for them to bring in the giant head ruins/statues to make it look more like Amon Hen from Lord of the Rings. Either that, or that large head ruin from the Gungan hidden city on Naboo. I suppose during special events, we'll pay someone to dress up like Jar Jar to make the place look even MORE exotic. Plus, since everyone pretty much hates Jar Jar, we can all huck eggs at him and stuff, which will make our special events even more fun and more special.


It looks so good. The last time we saw it was when it was all dirt. Thats a hint that it was a long time ago that we were over. Cook us dinner, cook us dinner!! Hee hee. I am kidding(well, kind of).


it looks really great, guys! Yes, lovely choices. Fia looks so happy and cute!

Pink Sun Drops

Sofia looks so grown up in that second to last picture!!

Gorgeous backyard and what are you talking about small!! That's huge especially for California. I heart fresh cut flowers!


You mean I can't play hide and seek with the girls anymore in the backyard?

BTW, did you ever find Bella?


Looks incredible!!


BEEEEAU-tiful. First place beautiful to Sofia. Second place beautiful to the backyard.

Lisa (the girls' moma)

No, it's NOT jacked! It's beautiful and I'm so excited for you. When those hydrangeas grow up to those windows it's going to be beautiful from the inside, too!

Congrats! I'm totally jealous.

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