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Thursday, April 05, 2007



Tears and poor little Fia! I love the "sleepy shot" ramblings. Give them both big kisses for me...I will see you guys in a couple days. Love you.

Misty Courtney

Oh man, that was a traumatic event! I would say that not everyone in thier whole life experiences something like that. Sweet little Fia really is a trooper! Madi says she's so sorry Sofia got hurt. So, no pictures of the actual event huh? Those aren't your kind of whip the camera out moments eh? I don't blame you! One time I thought Madison was choking to death in the back seat because she had a febrile seizure. So I pulled over made sure she was breathing then drove to the hospital in a way very unbecoming of police officers wife. Those are horrible moments for parents. I'm so glad everything is okay now! I hope you all enjoy your spring break!!!
Love you guys

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