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Sunday, August 22, 2004



"I was dating someone else, and he was my best friend. But he had a crush on me. I had no idea he had a crush on me. Once that relationship fell apart, he moved in for the kill."


"My dream is to have a house close to the beach."
My dream is to have a house ON the beach. We are already close. to the beach--not to the beach house.

" Laying on the beach, listening to the crashing waves and feeling the sun beat down on me is still one of my favorite things to do"

again ditto. And frankly--6 YEARS??? are you waiting for a gilded invite?? get off your butt and GO!

"I love theater, have been to oodles of musicals and plays. I used to love doing theater"
I met my husband doing theater--i miss it.

DITTO on 72-75

oh yeah--and why aren't you singing now--is there anything better than song?? I think not (well maybe a little smoochy face, but that's ALL)

thongs being flip flops --or thiongs being panties??
just curious

Ditto on 78-80 (except the cooking--i love to cook)
LOL on the monopoly (you, of course know my story)

you should skinny dip more often---its DA BOMB

ditto on 87-92

scarily similar i say

I plan to look at the pics--when i have time to do them ALL AT ONCE (will at least some of them be captioned??)


I love reading stuff like this. I think you could have easily done a "200 things about me" list, maybe even 300, actually next time do a "500 things you didn't know about me" list. It's better then a People Magazine anytime!

And, six years you haven't been to the beach? Did someone say Watsonville people aren't allowed? It's one of the easier dreams to check off the list.

I want to write a book too. Why don't I write a book and you take the pictures. Or, you write the book AND take the pictures and we'll both put our names on it? =)

I think everyone with a blog should do a list like's so fun!


oh and i forgot to say

CRAP! could my comment have been longer???


#21-#22 - that is so typically God. great list. thanks for sharing!

 Mother Jackson

Hey darlin, I loved reading this post, brought back lots of memories. One correction, your first broken bone (your leg) was at 13 months, not 18...and you were continually climbing out of your crib with your little cast on, clunking down the stairs to let me know you weren't quite ready to go to sleep. Even then, a VERY determined little cookie!

Ross McCord

I love this list, Kel. It speaks volumes to your heart and your character. I particularily love seeing how much our kids have enriched your life. And how God has brought such redemption to your life, from your new life with me and the girls, to your new professions which are truly where your talents and heart lie. Also, on #72, you feel things more deeply, and experience life more deeply and richly than any one else i know. I love you.


A very enjoyable read! Thank you for sharing :)


I love you Kel. You really do have so much you could share and we'd still be sitting on the edge of our seats. I liked Ross' comment, very sweet.


Wow, what an incredible post! I think #29-30 made me laugh the most :)


Kelly! Wonderful list. Thank you for sharing it.

I followed a comment from Suburban Bliss and am so glad I did :D


I have read your blog the last few months and even referred a few wedding photographers to your site for ideas! Love the list (71-73 are the closest to home for me). You seem to have resolved so much, how brave.

Todd Millikan

Wow... what a list.

Now I'm reading it almost three years after you wrote it. And it's been a really action-packed three years for you. Surgery, photo business has exploded, kids are growing up. In a couple years, I bet I'll be reading Bella's list of 100 on her blog.

Kelly, you're a great friend and have an amazing way of communicating through images and words things that many of us feel but few know how to express.

Thanks for being you. Keep it up. And don't disappear behind that camera.

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