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Friday, February 04, 2005



wow :) - you guys are awesome. holding out prayer and hope for you both that the weekend away will work healing and refreshing as much as the new surgery stuff at stanford. and ross is just DA MAN - i love to hear real stories of guys who step up to the plate willingly, affectionately and honorably when they have to.

peace & laughter all over y'all.


i miss you too--a whole lot.
i wish i could come sit with you on your bed and let you get snot on my jeans. then i'd wear my crusty jeans all the way home.
enjoy your weekend!!!!


*sniff* Thank you for sharing Kelly. I think it was my dad that said there is a closeness that comes with vulnerability that cannot come any other way. It is so difficult to watch as you endure seemingly endless pain. I am so thrilled that you will be seen by a good doc at Stanford, and I pray that he has some real solutions. Your words about how much you love your girls -- wow. I think you've written something that is in every mother's heart that they cannot always express. And what you wrote about Ross, well actually it's really all that Ross has done, is such an example of what godly and righteous love is all about. The Lord blessed you with one another, and it is so full of hope for those of us still looking!
I love you, and if there is *anything* I can do to be of assistance, particularly in the medical arena, don't hesitate to call. My knowledge, albeit limited, is at your disposal.
Oh, and enjoy 5-star delight! So classy, so shee-shee, so fun!

Ross and Kel

Heehee! We're in the Apple store (or Mecca as Ross would call it -- I'm waiting for him to bow down at the altar of Apple). We're having a great time...more on our trip later.

And really, what does it say about me that I'm blogging from a store in SF on a 30 inch wide-screen, HD monitor (I think I'm in LOVE!)... =)


Wow. So many beautiful sentiments...very well-expressed. I love the line "When I can hear them coming down the hall by the swish of their diaper." It all made me think of my own girls and I just wanted to hug them right then and there...and stop the clock.

Sounds like you're having fun on your SF getaway. That's great! Good luck with everything! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.


You truly brought tears to my eyes with this post. I love you. I miss you too. I want to be with you more. I want to be the one who sits on your bed with you. I think of you so often, you are not forgotten. If the girls are ever available to go to the park or go on a walk or come to Koastkids with me and the girls on tuesday or wednesday afternoons please let me know. I would take them every tuesday and wednesday by golly! We can't wait to spend time with you. I hope this trip is very special!

Pink Sun Drops

Oh Kelly. I wish I'd known you better before all this happened. I'd come sit on the bed with you. Could my boys come too? Seriously. It's been horrible not having any friends here so I know the isolation thing. Only difference I can get out but the only girls I've met don't have kids so that's kind of weird for me.

Check out Mel's latest post and the link it provides. (tried to make that a link let me know if it didn't work) It says a lot about our little babies growing up and enjoying every moment as you are so immensely doing.

Kelly you are going through it so much and handling it amazingly. And Ross. God sent you an angel. Three of them it sounds like.

Many many prayers that everything goes well in Stanford and soooo happy for you that they want to see you. That is an answer to prayer itself!

*BIG hugs* girl and have FUN this weekend. Splurge as much as you need to. You guys deserve it.

Oh and to answer your first few questions. Post, yes, yes, and please post? Please? Some reading too but mainly you know, posting : ). Miss you girl and am hoping all the best for you.

Ross McCord

it's exhausting, but my pleasure to do it. i love you kel.


hi kelly, you don't know me and i don't know you, or even how i stumbled into your site - i was researching restaurants in fells point! i found myself reading your words and looking at your beautiful photos and thought of how brave you are posting these very raw emotions for your family and friends (and the rest of the world) to read. i just want to tell you that you are beautiful and inspirational and reading your words made me want to get off my butt and take a walk or ride my bike - because i can. nothing in the world like constant pain to let you know you are alive (i had a rough 2004), except maybe the eloquent words of a stranger to be thankful that you are. i wish you and your family many years of good health and unbound bliss.


Wow-I really had no idea the extent of your bed rest. I'm so glad I got you on the phone this morning. I am always thinking of you Kelly. I feel a bit guilty though for my lack of contact. I'll certainly have you in my thoughts on March 2. By the way, this blog page you have going is amazing!

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