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Thursday, August 04, 2005



Ahh, the all-too-familiar "clinic" of a surgeon. Medicine docs tend to see 10 patients in an afternoon. The orthopedic surgeons I worked with routinely saw anywhere from 16-26 in an afternoon (yeah, 4 hrs). And since your doc is the famous chief who's writing a big book, he's got even less time on his hands.
At least you had fun in the waiting room. I can totally picture you guys having a BLAST for no good reason at all except that you like to find the humor in the world. As for that form, the faces are mostly there for children and those who don't read/speak English. It can be somewhat insulting, but the whole "level of pain" thing is one of the vitals that we try to record from every patient. For people who DO know how to read English, the scale of 1 to 10 with descriptions is sufficient, but somehow the face makes it on there too. As though someone MIGHT be using that form who doesn't speak English, even though the rest of the form is in English. Whatever. Faces are fun, and clearly make for hours of entertainment :).


That post rocked. I liked how there were humerous pictures of everything that was cracking you up. That from about the odd blood draw was awesome. Very good, I give it a very enthusiastic two thumbs up.


Oh, by the way.... good thing the doctor had your form, otherwise how would he have known how you were doing from his 30 sec visit?


A classic post. You two sound like such a fun couple. Heck if you can make hanging out in a doctors office...


Long time reader/lurker- just had to say that you had me laughing out loud with the pain scale pics. Too funny!


I remember when I first had Coley, I went back for an infection in my incision site. I was asked about the pain scale, and I was so confused--I remember asking, "Where does CHILDBIRTH fit in there?" It's all so relative! I wish I could have just made fun of it all then! But I was a little irked. Just a little.

Glad to see your funny bones weren't removed during your surgery!

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