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Wednesday, August 03, 2005



First of all - how come no link to those disgusting pictures you found?
Also - don't marry the internet, even though it can probably do everything better than i can.


Hey! The intenet could never replace you honey. It can distract, but NEVER, EVER replace. =)

And the reason no pictures? I would be compelled to keep looking at them.

Plus I didn't want other people throwing up in their mouths.


I sent an email with my med student opinions. But let me add it IS a good sign that the pain you're experiencing is different. If there's swelling, tenderness, redness, it might be some sort of infection at the wound sight, and since you talk about oozing back puss, that's a likelihood. The lack of shooting or sharp pains is a good sign -- that makes it less likely that the disc is involving the nerve roots like it was before. Dr. Kim will tell all, I'm sure.
And speaking of gross pictures, I can't WAIT for when I get to be the one doing it. Come November I'll be the one cutting, drilling, sewing, etc. SO fun!!! Well, not for the one on the table, of course, but they're knocked out, so all the better for them!


C'mon, I wanna throw up in my mouth. Geeessseee...Selfish!!!


Here's praying you get good news at Stanford today. As for my thoughts on pictures of surgeries, since that brought up a whole mass of memories from my childhood I think I'll deal with it on my blog...


The internet could have so many more metaphors to human interaction...but I...must...resist...saying...naughty...jokes.

Okay it is either ribald humor or emoting William Shatner.

Kel, how far back do you go? I go back to the early 1982 or so (check out for someone else I knew back in those days).

Ah the days when 300 baud was not only fast, it was hellafast. Then 1200 baud...then 2400 baud! Hooty hoo! When pictures were just ASCII characters placed cleverly on the screen to look like a nekkid lady, or mickey mouse or "wow."

I miss those days because BBSes had personailty that not only came from its owner but also the users. Which is very rare on the net, but your blog does have that sort of energy to it which I guess is why I thought it was interesting..


All this talk of thowing up is making me want to throw up too. Have you ever seen that scene in the movie The Lost Boys at the pie eating contest. It's like that. Well Kel I never knew of the puss and stuff. Did they give you anything for that like antibiotics or cream?

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