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Thursday, August 04, 2005



I'm in a quandry ! :) I waver between who's comments I enjoy, your sister, or your MOM :) I gonna go with your mom on this last round....DIRTFACE??? LOLOL


Having children suckle a woman who is not their mother is not without historical precidence (e.g. wet nurses for nobles, etc). It is still a little odd in modern society to do so.

I am not sure if I would want my family to read my blog.:) Heck I am not even sure if they realize it wife does and she gets some sort of thrill that she has more insite as to what is happening in that head of mine.


I am a non-sequiter person...but the title of your blog entry reminded me of a very slow day at a hobby shop I worked at. I was talking to a fellow employee Darren and he off the cuff said there should be a fragrance named after the Hindenberg tradgedy...called Ode De Humanity.

A good pun is its own reward, but often that reward is having one's house burned down...

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