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Monday, October 24, 2005



Those are great shots, Kel. Those ones of Bella playing soccer are awesome too. I really loved cheering her name after her little breakaway and seeing that big smile on her face as we all yelled for her!


That last picture of Sofia and the balloons is just PERFECT! That's one for the frame!! Bella's new glasses ARE very flattering. She looks so much older in them. Tell her congrats on her soccer game. I went ahead and chanted BELLA! BELLA! while looking at the first few pics. She's so adorable. They both really are.

Hope you are feeling better. Take care. And the post wasn't boring. I like these type of posts. :)


So not a boring post, this is my favorite kind. I love the pictures...all of them, but the one with the balloons is unbelievable. I love Bella's new glasses, very Ralph Lauren.


Balloons and princess = priceless.


I love the balloon/princess picture. Also love the framing of the shots of Bella after the game. You are so. good.

Hope the ability to post indicates the ability to sit for a while at the computer. Praying you are feeling better,


No such thing as too many pics of wonderful kids. Time to go pick up mine soon... best part of my day.:)


I cant believe how "Big-girl" Sophia looks. They are growing up so fast.


Kelly, I love the last one! Gorgeous! What composition and perspective. Off to link this post of yours.


Kelly, I love these shots. I sent you an email a couple of day ago asking permission to post the last one with credit to you. Is that possible?

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