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Monday, October 17, 2005



Kelly - you are SO talented! I love the photo's!! You took some really fun and amazing shots.


My favorites:
1. When they are surrounded by people but are singing, full-on mouth-wide-open, only to each other.
2. Columns #2: WOW, romantic much?
3. The best one: old people break-dancing. Who could ask for anything more at a wedding?
As always, the pix are wonderful.....

Classic Wedding Castle

Kelly, I'm truly amazed with your wonderful photography skills. You have got the artistic cells to create wonderful shots from unique moments. Keep it up!

In Malaysia, among the Chinese community, the nice wedding photography shots are usually taken in studio. It used to be an un-official practice for the couples to capture the moments in bridal gowns prior to the official wedidng ceremony itself.


I think this may be your best work. You did an awesome job capturing the gorgeous ambiance of their wedding and the personalities of the bride/groom. You can tell they are really fun people.

The pictures of the bride at the beginning are just beautiful and so romantic. My favorites are the bride posing with the columns but my absolute favorite is the bride on the roof top with the wind blowing through her dress. Gorgeous!

Man where were you when I got married??

Fantastic job Kel!


I LOVED the pictures!!!! Really, they are amazing.


They're absolutely lovely pictures Kelly. What a wonderful location. Pricely wedding huh? So classy and gorgeous. My regards to the bride and groom if they read this. Happy wedding!


Gorgeous shots... you always know how to capture the best feelings!


WOW WOW WOW!!! Where were you when I got married!!!! Those look INCREDIBLE!! You have a lot of talent for capturing the natural beauty of everything that fits in to the frame of the picture. What an incredible eye you have to incorporate the every day surroundings to make it seem like a fairy tale setting.

Kelly, you have a great gift from God. I'm sure that couple is going to treasure those pictures forever. How beautiful.


Somebody commented on wedding pics in Malaysia... I have spent a ton of time in Singapore (which is 80%+ Chinese) and they to do the wedding album filled with studio and set up shots before the wedding.

My wife (who is Singaporean) eschewed on this as we got married here in the US. But had we gotten hitched in Singapore that would have been the modus operendi. It is nifty, but also a lot of work, lots of outfit changes and locations, backdrops, etc. They also have some amazing make up people there, a few of my female friends there were made up to drop dead gorgeous (a comment I kept to myself...err from my wife:).

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