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Tuesday, November 01, 2005



These are precious and special pictures. I hope your family had a fun Halloween.


Look at those awesome pumpkins! I love it!


Oh the pumpkinamity! I am sending your page to the Pumpkin Liberation Front!

Just kidding! Those are really cool pumpkins and cute kids to boot. My daughter is still too young to really "get it" so I was up late the night before carving pumpkins and watching Father Ted... which might explain why it took so long...


absolutely LOVE that picture! I wish you lived on the east coast so I could have you take professional portraits of my girls. There is no way I could capture such magical moments the way you do!


We missed Halloween! There is not much celebration of Halloween in Japan, unfortunately. They decorate for it, but not much more than that. It was a regular school day without even a spooky themed lunch... of course, school lunch is always a little spooky to me.

The pictures are great!


Kelly, I love your perspective; the way that you see life through the lens is incredibly beautiful.

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