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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Alishia Hanson

Congratulations! Your booth looks beautiful and inviting. Makes me wish I lived in California when I was married. And your professionalism is inspiring. Blessings.


Kel you are a genius and I love who you are and the "unique-ness" you radiate! I would way prefer you and your arty, amazing, fun, poetic style any day!

I can't wait to see you soon...Miss you and love you!

Pink Sun Drops

It looks so romantic... the two white chairs in the back seal the deal. Perfect for a wedding fair.


I agree Kelly, everything to me looks wonderful! I think your booth looked great too! I have seen the other booths too. Don't they have huge blown up pictures that are framed. That is what stands in my memory. I think that is the only thing I could think up. I think you have a lot of great pictures and you do look professional!


Oh, it looks so awesome...I bet it was the best booth there! We were planning on coming to check out your booth (and of course try to get to see you). But, Maddox and I both have the flu pretty bad, but it sound like you were kept busy enough!


Ross showed me the picture albums when I came over. Unbelievable! I wish you had done our wedding.


It was certainly a long day working that booth, but it was fun too. Everyone was really impressed with you Kel. And it was nice to spend the day bragging about you to strangers. Congrats bootie. You did a great job. Of course, the killer website and marketing materials helped too! =)

susi jackson

Kel, I couldn't be more proud of you !Susi


I came upon your blog, on pure accident (I was looking up cats and your previous picture of the cat with the strange eyes appeared). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your photography is amazing! I wish, hell, I dream that my photos could come out this well! There so beautiful! Just a good job to you. ^_^ Good luck with everything!


MarieLouise Minvielle (that girl from high school)

Hey, your booth looked beautiful! Very Provencal, which was where I met my fiance (it's a sign, it's a sign! You MUST be my wedding photographer!) Anyway, both you and the booth were very welcoming and I was so impressed. I continue to be impressed with the photos from all of your online resources. I get so inspired/excited looking at your art!

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