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Thursday, January 26, 2006



I'm so excited for you! I was looking at the bridal expo program in the setinel with a friend yesterday and saw all your pictures throughout the program it was so cool! This IS going to be your biggest year yet and you are only going to only get bigger! I love your work and tell anyone I know thats getting married to use you if they want to LOVE their pictures. :)


Happy for you!

Who were the people involved in the celeb wedding you were doing? Or are you still in an NDA?


Fabulous website! Is it just me but are Mia and Drew's the most fab? Just a proud mama.You are going to blow them away at the bridal show. Wish i was doing it with you it would have been so fun.My down-low flowers will have to suffice. Have a very fruitful day. susi


It feels like you are on a brink of your business really blossoming into a much larger affair. Wow! This is amazing! I am so happy your hard work is paying off and you are getting to be known by more and more people for your great work. It makes me think of Collin's song..."Grace Pours Forth" All these things come from you Lord...It makes me very happy to see this! By Gods Grace may your business be all you hope it to become!


Kel, I am so proud of you!! My sister is so gosh dang amazing...the site looks fantastic. You deserve every bit of the success you are gaining. I hope you are doing great. Love you.

PS I tried calling you the other day but you didnt pick up :( I was a little bit sad...



Holley Connors


I look at your website pretty often and just love your photos. Good luck in your hush hush celeb shoot. By the way, your girls are beautiful! Hope you are all doing well



Your website and your work is wonderful. I quite happy for you!


The website does look great. You and Ross are a great team, both flattering talents for sure! I'm pleased you are doing so well, I just wish you were less busy and would answer some of my emails. :) Miss you all.


That's my girl :)

Julie Dunn

love the website Kelly! I so enjoyed looking at all your hard work and the lives you have touched. Thank you for making our wedding day's photos so amazing! You are the best!


You have such an incredible God given talent, Kelly, and I'm so glad to see you utilizing it in such an incredible way. The gift of memories is very precious and that is what you give with your photography.

You know what you should do??? a book!!! Publish your photography yourself!!! will publish it for you for very very little cost cause you do the editing yourself!!!

Lori Turnbull

oh, my gosh, Kelly! You rock!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Love you!

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