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Wednesday, February 01, 2006



Yes, I saw that Oprah last week, too. Startling. Horrifying. There was something about the doctor's candor, his bluntness about the when, not if, that so shocked me. I've pretty much disregarded much of the media attention the bird flu has received. I couldn't disregard this report. One interesting thing he pointed out was about the food supply and how precarious it is. Refrigerated trucks were pulled out of normal distribution lines for Katrina use and it immediately put a wrench in the supply. It does make me ponder my current pantry level. It may be time to increase that miserly food budget of mine.


I think this is a good heads up to start getting food and water packed in case of an emergency. Where we live it could be an earthquake or something else. I think it's each person's responsibility to have supplies for thier family for times of need. I have heard about bird flu and to me the scariest thing is the mutation thing. The last big flu's that swept the globe were bird flus. Isn't that interesting. I think it's because our bodies don't know or have resistance to a flu that is foreign to our bodies. It's apparently wiping the birds out too, so it must be bad. Hasn't it so far only been bird to person transmission vs. person to person. How do they know it has mutated? I'm not sure how they could say it's not an if it's a when. That is hard to say I think, he doen't know the future!


I'm actually calendaring a date during our next ICU so us girls can put our emergency kits together. Bring you calendar!

Sam Courtney

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