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Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Tis true, from a medical (almost) professional point-of-view, bird flu could represent a major health risk to our country and our world. Not to panic yet, because it's still probably a bit away from us, but it's important to be informed and recognize signs/symptoms. And it's important to make sure you are in healthy condition, because the best way to protect yourself from bird flu is just to protect yourself in general. I won't say anything more to add to the mayhem, but let's all be educated about this one!


I am not sure if I am terribly concerned. Teh bird flu has been tracked in countries with far inferior health care systems and such and you do not see Turkey or China having a slew of people fall over dead from the bird flu.

It was not so long ago that everyone was afraid of SARS... Including me.:) Had to cancel a trip to Asia as my wife and I were expecting kid #1 and it just was not worth the risk... even if it was relatively small.


This is a very freightening topic because it could effect people's lives so drastically. The thought of packing food for the amount of time suggested is almost overwhelming. Sam's in charge of this one, it's too much for me to think about!


Kel - I just finished ordering a slew of the things that you suggested - thank you :) And just yesterday, my mom traded a tax return for 20 cases of military food - the just add water kind! We are slowly getting prepared!


I'm going to put together some supplies for an emergency like and earthquake or short term power or gas outage but I don't think this will amount to the worst case scenario some people are worried about.

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