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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Well, I am sure glad I passed him up when I had the chance. What a weird thing that would have been. What happened to him? No wonder Penelope is now with Matthew Mc-beautiful. He was on Oprah last week and was very COOL. If I were in Labor in that room I would be hard pressed not to throw something at that Lame sign. Possibly(scratch that)Definetely yelling some profanities.


I think we need an intervention plan here. Who's with me? We can be in L.A. in 6 tops.


You don't understand about being insane.

Tom Cruise does.

I guess a child being artificially insiminated in a contracted faux marriage will not cause any sort of damange to a future scientologist... Sure...


I'm glad I passed him up when I had the chance as well.


That is so sad and unatural. Doesn't science understand the value of things happening in a proper order? I don't get scientology. It seems to be based on no science at all! I'm sad for Katie that she is being robbed of some of the most precious moments of her life. Holding and welcoming her chid exactly as she naturally would have. I remember holding the girls and just telling them how much I loved them as soon as they were born! I hope she can enjoy it without thinking of all the regulations the whole time, and if she does blow it I hope Tom doesn't give her a hard time about it.


Scientology was just a means to a hack science fiction writer to make millions of dollars. By LRH's own admission scifi writing paid penuts, if you wanted to make millions you had to start a religion.

Scientology, ironically, is not based on any science. Rather the hopped up fantasies of a dubious man and hack of a writer. Anyone foolish enough to give them money to seek a positive self image and enlightenment probably deserves to be taken to the cleaners.

Poor Katie though. She has enough talent and looks to make a buck without being wife on paper.


No drugs, no screaming, crying or gnashing of the teeth. Piece of cake. Remember, Kel? You were there with me, I never made a peep...oh, wait, my memory betrayed me momentarily. I had the epidural turned all the way up and still screamed. I think it would be impossible not to make any noise, I found it totally involuntary. Poor Katie, Tom is such a nut.


TOM CRUISE IS FREAKIN NUTS!!!! I think poor little Katie is starstruck and has NO idea what is in store for her future with him.

Christina Deloise Bonifacio

What a wack job Tom Cruise has turned out to be.... I wit the rest of you guys, I feel really sorry for Katie. Birth is the most amazing experience on earth and poor Katie has to expereince it with this fruit cake!!!

Lori T

... and I'm just getting to responding to this blog, now... is it bad to wish for the worst to happen so that Tom Cruise can get a freakin' wake-up call? I don't mean ill-will towards Katie or the baby, but Tom Cruise is a selfish, egotistical, IGNORANT ass who deserves to have his world tumble down around him.


Tom Cruise is a fraud and a dolt. Karma will work its way to him sooner or later.


I thought he was so so so hot at one time, and time and now with all that it's going, going... gone! Maybe, Baby take him and leave all that, that's just crazy. Hopefully she will do as she would like. On another note I really love your new blog! It all looks great! Of course I harken back to the day I first started mine with your help of course and now I did it all on my own and of course I could use some help, you know when you have just a little time on your hands, I hear if I put a really ... O' I tell ya later this isn't an email it's just a post! Hello, everyone! XO


please excuse my typing mistakes it was a little "hick-up" in my sleep...good day, good night, good Lord it's daylights savings time, it's hit again!


OK, First off, I'm typing this with no pain pills so forgive the mistakes (to see why visit my blog and check out the post called "Just Shoot Me"). Next, totally silent birth? What I want to know is was Katie kept in a totally silent enviroment during the duration of her pregnancy? Was she permitted to utter one word or did she communicate to her "loving" man Crazy Cruise via sign language?? I'm sure that baby has heard far worse coming from it's mother and most definitely it's father!! I mean, first off, sex... you think the moans and groans during the pregnancy were kept at a bare minimum - or was Katie just not even permitted to climax? Filming movies - lots of noise there - loud banging, screaming, music...

This whole thing is a crock of sh*t pure and simple. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are on my ucky list and have been for a long time. Thank God I can honestly say I was never ga-ga for Tom at any point in my life.

Matthew McYummy - I love that! I have the most incredible Matthew McYummy picture you could ever possibly want. I'm serious. I get emails requesting the picture sent to them. You want it? It's awsome and he is Yummy to the max. LOL I don't think the hubbies would appreciate it though. (yes his ... hmmm, don't want to call it a 'weewee' cause i dont want to think of him as having a wee one... but ok, you know what I mean, is covered... barely... it's freaking awsome. :)


I told my husband about this last night as we were standing in line at walmart and saw the People magazines front cover page. Gary doesn't know a thing about Scientology except that a few celebrities fall in to it. There was a woman standing behind us listening in on our conversation (not hard to do - I'm not exactly quiet in anything) and then I came up with the comment that just about killed her from the look on her face (I had to turn away so that I didn't burst out laughing) - Katie can go ahead and give birth in total silence. But she gets to give Tom his vasectomy with him in total silence too!

I hope Kidman is completely over Tom after this. Maybe she can call Katie and give her some pointers one how to deal with such an ignorant ass.

Oh, and Gary wants to know - what happens to Katie if she decides to chuck it all and scream during childbirth? do they shoot her?

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