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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Lisa (the girls' moma)

Hi Kelly, I'm really behind on my blogs, so I just saw this post. I've missed your posts, too, but haven't ever thought to check your photography blog! It's fun to see the pics on your Christmas card. I've been reading your blog as long as I'VE been blogging (4 yrs!) so it's crazy to see how big the girls are!

I didn't think you were dead, just busy livin' life!



Hi friend,
It was a blast to have you over on New Years!! Love you


I was beginning to wonder... =)

Todd Millikan

Totally fun to check out some of the wedding work you've done. Kelly, you never cease to amaze. Even though I have no idea who those people are, I'm was moved seeing the images of their blissful day. Makes me wanna take Hils on a date... :) Glad to hear you're not dead.

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